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The Nigeria Prize 2022: Garlands for New Blood


If it wasn’t obvious enough that the leading poetic voices on the continent now belong to a new generation of writers bred in the jungles of the internet and raised in the angst of 21st-century dilemmas and preoccupations, the new NLNG prize shortlist has made it clearer. The three writers currently on the shortlist — […]

Of Memory and Call of Waters


The earth’s hunger is eternal Its stomach swells with our loved ones In farewell, we make concrete beds And mound pillows… Transition (page 25) In Su’eddie Vershima Agema’s Memory and the Call of the Waters, memories are tenderness and sorrow. It is a stream of calm waters waltzing through terrains of hurt and loss. It […]

Biyi Bándélé: The Storyteller Departs


It appears that the news is true, that the writer-director, author of Burma Boy, Biyi Bandélé, has passed. This is a heavy sentence to type because I knew him. Harder to refer to him in the past tense; we still talked on the phone over a week ago, planning to meet in Lagos whenever he […]

Ìjẹ́wọ́ Ìnàkí Shìnágawà Kan


Láti Ọwọ́ Haruki Murakami (New Yorker (© June 2020) Tí Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún túmọ̀ Mo pàdé alàgbà ìnàkí yìí nílé ìtura Japaní kan nínú ilé-ìwẹ̀ onísun-gbígbóná kan ní Ìjọba Ìbílẹ̀ Gunmà, ní bíi ọdún márùún sẹ́yìn. Ilé ìtura náà ti gbó, tàbí ká ní ó ti ń d’àlàpà. Kò fẹ́ẹ̀ lè dá dúró, mo kàn ní […]

Introducing Olongo #BookMood


People who have followed me on Twitter may have come across occasional posts of mine with nothing more than the photo of a book and the #Mood hashtag. It had been my own way of sharing the discovery of particular books that have sentimental value to me, to the culture, or books that could, at […]

A Chat with The Girl with the Louding Voice


Kola Tubosun (KT): The Girl with the Louding voice, a very fascinating book I read over the last couple of days. I am glad to speak with the writer. Abi Dare (AD): Thank you, Kola. It’s such a pleasure to be here with you. I’ve heard great things. KT: I enjoyed the book very much […]

A Book Collector’s Journal


Shortly after the lockdown began in March 2020, I began buying more books. This started innocently perhaps facilitated by boredom; there were some new titles that had just been released that I wanted to read. Some were books of writer friends I was interested in supporting or reviewing. Others were titles I had come across […]

Our Books of 2020


We asked some of our readers and authors what books made the most impact on them. These are books published at any time but in whose pages they found something to keep them going during this annus horribilis, a year that tested the world’s patience, resilience, health, and resolve. Here’s the result. Akin Adéṣọ̀kàn, Professor […]

OlongoAfrica to Me


I’d always loved writing, and curating them, and interrogating those who produce them. It’s a life-affirming thing. We are made by stories, so listening to others tell theirs or showing us how they get to set them down, or doing so myself, is a delightful experience. Has always been. From 2009, I had a travel […]

Our Twittering Space

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Olongo is the orange-cheeked waxbill, small enough to be missed in a scene, but loud enough to be noticed wherever it is perched. The name had stuck since we first suggested it as the cover for our new floor on the Brick House, a collective of writers and journalists. You are welcome to our launch. […]