Culture Writing

Cultural events happening across Africa today are many and our scope rays into them. We want critical reports, human angle stories, fun trends in fashion, culture, photography, sculptural works and other cultural products with sharp photos to back them up as evidence. We are also interested in reflections on art and cultural festivals, profile of literary or cultural icons. Submitted pieces can be on any of the themes above and it should have currency of relevance because we do not want to serve our readers something stale.

Book reviews

We believe very much that there is a gap on the continent regarding reviews of newly-released works in poetry, prose, and even drama. We will commission writers to write reviews of relevant books. Our reviews should expand the readers’ insights into the larger and broader vision of the selected books. We want more than a book summary and characterisation projections in the book. We want reviews with rigors that interact with other books or creative work in the same thematic network. When we solicit reviews we are also happy to buy commissioned writers a copy of said book (preferably via kindle) to help facilitate this.

Long form personal essays/journalism/travel writing

Journalism is important. It’s one of the bedrocks of a free society. We can no longer depend only on print media to tell the stories of the many things such as politics and identitarian crises and social issues happening on the continent. At Olongo, we will commission writers to write investigative or long form nonfiction journalistic pieces on relevant newsworthy events. We will also welcome pitches from interested contributors. Submitted pitches will pass through editorial review before a decision is made on acceptance/decline.

Travel writing categorized as Passages is also one of the underrated genres in nonfiction writing on the continent. Either through regular columns of commissioned writers or individual commissions on relevant trips, we will showcase travel writings from around the continent. Writers who are interested to contribute to our platform could intimate us with  an idea of the places they have been to. We want stories that will introduce new insights, take us to a new place with sharp imagery and shake earlier perspectives through an individual experience.

Newsworthy interviews/podcasts

It’s the web. Yes to podcasts and topical interviews.Dialogues with literary and cultural figures are importantly appreciated.

Creative Works

We will receive both solicited and unsolicited pieces from across all social ranges and regions in Africa. All works must be previously unpublished, but we will appreciate you notify us when you work finds a home elsewhere if you are making simultaneous submission. We privilege new writers that have not been heard. We appreciate poems that move us and can grip our readers to the chair. We do not cherish works that are libelous or scandalous. We are not interested in works that demonize a particular identity. We want pieces that edify in one way or the other.  Metaphor and imagery are engine bolts of poems, don’t let them be loose while submitting to us. We like stories (whether fiction or creative non-fiction) that inch us further from what is familiar whether in style or content. We are particularly interested in new voices and diversity is key to us. We welcome all works of different categories, but quality is premium to us.  This is tricky but since Saraba went under, we haven’t had a stable platform to showcase new poetry, and pay writers. We can fill that role over time.

We will consider:

  • Long Form Essay (Not more than 3000 words)
  • Short Form Essay (Not more than 1000 words)
  • Short stories (Not more than 3000 words)
  • Poetry (a suite: from three poems)
  • Short plays (Ten pages max)
  • Translations (from African languages into English or vice versa)

Our Format and Ethics

Font: Times New Roman 12

Comment on plagiarism: We intend to publish original works, and retain first publication rights. We hold our writers to relevant ethical standards regarding plagiarism and fair use.

Note: We cannot guarantee that all unsolicited poems/stories/plays/translations will be accepted. Please, give us time to get back to you. Upon acceptance, there may be little editorial review. We pay when the work is finally published on the platform.

Note: If your entry is rejected, please do not submit until after three months.

Note: Submit to only a category at a time.

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Publisher: Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún
Managing Editor: Sàláwù Olajídé