The Longest Memory


I am more familiar with the poetry of Fred D’Aguiar than his prose, so I was thrilled when I discovered his debut novel at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) in Accra where I was a writer-in-residence in April earlier this year. Pulling out this slim compact novel from the library’s shelves, […]

[#BookMood] Halfway into Becoming


I returned from ‘Asri prayer and brought out Michelle Obama’s Becoming from my bag. I fumbled into my small bag pack and slipped out my Airpods. I mentioned to my roommates that I was going out to read. I bought Becoming last year and I’d been finding it quite difficult to flip past the tenth […]

Introducing Olongo #BookMood


People who have followed me on Twitter may have come across occasional posts of mine with nothing more than the photo of a book and the #Mood hashtag. It had been my own way of sharing the discovery of particular books that have sentimental value to me, to the culture, or books that could, at […]