Barter Because it’s 1945 And the Allies put a war horse over a west African infantryman, A boy is traded for a horse. A boy is traded for a horse, The horse gallops giddy in a bottle, The buyer follows inside to fetch his horse. and drowns. A boy is traded for a horse his […]

a brief history


history oft becomes second nature. a history of subservience is inferiority. history is sediment of time, sturdy like diamond to undo history, we ask time to become cannibal, which is to say we ask time to chew on its own fangs, chew itself back to the beginning, down to its innocent gums a history of […]

Words Fail


  Words, words, words You failed me when I needed you the most You vagabond!   I (For them at the Murambi genocide memorial site in Rwanda)   Ploughed from the mass graves of History Exhibits on the pyre of empty testaments Equestrians of Trauma Signifiers of perpetual suffering Icons of silence, of the never-speech: […]