Carl Terver

On Kwame’s Workshop, Memory and the Call of Waters


In this interview, Carl Terver, an essayist, poet and the founding editor of Afapinen, speaks with the 2022 NLNG Shortlistee, S’ueddie Vershima Agema, on his book, Memory and the Call of Waters. CARL TERVER It must be great to have made the NLNG Prize shortlist. Congratulations. Will you kindly tell us about your thoughts at […]

Where Are the 287 Poets Contesting the 2022 NLNG Prize for Literature?


Let us start with a confession — mine, at least: I don’t know where the poets are. Or I don’t read them because I hardly hear their names and haven’t seen their books, because no one is reviewing them in magazines or talking about them, not even at a gathering of writers drinking beer. Or […]