Aníkúlápò – A Short Story


Ìyá Àgbà Every ẹsẹ of Odù, every word of ìwúre, every atom of àfọ̀ṣẹ that would make this day had been wept for, sweated over and bled on by Ìyá Àgbà. Patience had never been her thing, she wanted all her things done now! However, each time she found herself growing impatient, and remembered the […]

Decaying Memories at the Oyo Museum


I was recently at the National Museum located in the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo and even though I spent a substantial part of my childhood in Oyo, it was my first time at the museum. Most people who grew up in Oyo do not know that there is a museum there. It could […]

Bob‌ ‌Hearts‌ ‌Abishola:‌ ‌Fear‌ ‌Yorùbá  ‌Women‌


There is a genre of jokes dedicated to Yorùbá women and it is not hard to come by these days. The jokes branch out into sub-genres suited to the different social situations within the Yorùbá  women demography. There is enough slander to distribute between spinsters, rich aunts, married women, single mothers and immigrants. The consensus is […]