Afterlife of Poems


In the cities, chit-chatting women with broken heels right their slipping sleeves with one hand and remove gums from their mouths with the other to paste the obituary of poems merely to do “justice” Posters hanging on for life to traumatized walls bearing the vague impression of poems tortured contortionists dissolving into amorphous ink Their […]

Bob‌ ‌Hearts‌ ‌Abishola:‌ ‌Fear‌ ‌Yorùbá  ‌Women‌


There is a genre of jokes dedicated to Yorùbá women and it is not hard to come by these days. The jokes branch out into sub-genres suited to the different social situations within the Yorùbá  women demography. There is enough slander to distribute between spinsters, rich aunts, married women, single mothers and immigrants. The consensus is […]