[POETRY] shadrach, meshach, abednego & eric


for ek. today i will visit your grave after three years, I am eager to know what has become of your black stained chest. & at your burial, your dissected limbs that were placed side by side makes me think  of the doll’s limbs my little sister is spending  her childhood dissecting from its torso. […]

A Song To All The Fishes My Net Couldn’t Hold


j.w i bless you for training my heart for war for making me believe it’s not every girl who prefers her lover black and smart and whatever e.w i celebrate you like the way a country celebrates its independence like the way our house celebrated the conception of a barren aunty remember in junior high […]

Everyone Has Something To Say


for H & to H.   death seethed into a home & did not pass through the door nor the window; did not knock, greet or smile no one knew how it got in, but when it left you went missing. mother tried to remember a passage through in your sickness or a path in […]