Subsidy cuts and increased electricity tariff driving renewable energy uptake in Nigeria


For several weeks Nurudeen Aribisala’s wife consistently advised that they get solar power for their home in Lagos, but he did not pay much attention. Last month, the transformer powering their area blew and electricity has not been restored since — this was his cue to purchase  solar technology for his household.  “Power is infrequent […]

Sneaking around Incoherent “Safety” in Nairobi


April of 2020 and 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya, feel eerily similar, like a deja vu. Each day of the month before the velvety darkness of evening fully settled in, the streets are empty of people. Shops and restaurants close even earlier. On March 27th, President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered the 15th presidential address on the coronavirus […]