Poem: “The Real Subsidisers” by Níyì Ọ̀súndáre


NIGERIAN SUBSIDY AND THE REAL  SUBSIDISERS Here, in plain, unsubsidized language      Are the basic facts   About the fabled Nigerian “subsidy”      Whose endless lies have besieged our ears We the Nigerian people subsidize      The rampant CORRUPTION of our rulers We the Nigerian people subsidize      Their fatal incompetence and prodigal greed We the Nigerian people subsidize      Those […]

[New Year’s Eve Poem] Like a Semicolon


The past year recedes like a chameleon’s tongue— a miss, I am not taken. Before my mirror, wiped with the nectaring newness of the year, I am the visage of a boy styling his life into a poem, resolute to say more, to do more, like a semicolon; Bryan Obinna Joseph Okwesili is a queer […]