Cloudburst in Jakande


stormy eid. rain washes the dua off our tongues. old central mosque brimming with bodies the brown of archipelago barks. i witness a crippled boy bum-walk a blind man to the front row of the saf’. & my guilt puckers beneath my skin. cracks in the rusted zinc-roof which used to pour sunlight into the […]

Lagos to Lomé: Reflections on Borders


1. My first time outside of Nigeria was in 2017, when I walked across the Illela border to The Republic of Niger and returned on the back of a donkey. I was travelling across Nigeria by road with a group of artists, exploring Nigerianness and the different implications of borders. Dozens of encounters later—the woman […]

Fakafìkì to the Feet of the Atlantic


…I devoted myself to sumptuousmoos and hallelujahs. Look around you:only the absence of certain people suggestsyou did not sleep throughout the whole journey. -Terence Hayes Unlike Hayes, I no longer devote myself to sumptuous moos, and I have struck beef off my menus. Not because I am an Adventist as most people believe we are […]