Yorùbá Masquerade Dancers Sing Oríkì and Dance Bàtá


The first frame is steady: smoke in the distance; a montage of bodies— singers and drummers, acrobats, names forfeited momentarily to their craft. Drumbeats for a cue, almost an epiphany, and you pan for signs in a portion of the square alien to gardening. It is a given: the bàtá rhythm heralding the masquerades now […]

[#BookMood] Halfway into Becoming


I returned from ‘Asri prayer and brought out Michelle Obama’s Becoming from my bag. I fumbled into my small bag pack and slipped out my Airpods. I mentioned to my roommates that I was going out to read. I bought Becoming last year and I’d been finding it quite difficult to flip past the tenth […]

On the Politics of Gym


In early October 2021, I was reading a book on Wattpad titled, All Good Things, written by a Canadian author named Renee Racine. It was a lighthearted read—because laughter is something I desperately needed—and I found something rather unexpected in it; I found myself. To give you a wee bit of summary, the story is […]