Sneaking around Incoherent “Safety” in Nairobi


April of 2020 and 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya, feel eerily similar, like a deja vu. Each day of the month before the velvety darkness of evening fully settled in, the streets are empty of people. Shops and restaurants close even earlier. On March 27th, President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered the 15th presidential address on the coronavirus […]

A Little Deeper & Other Poem


I it all started with a white school teacher  locking  her grade 5 pupils  inside  a classroom a black boy in a corner breathing slowly deeply      by the strength of his own legs frantically  climbing attempting  to escape by way of the classroom window,             possessed by the fight or flight   drowning     […]

Zimbabwean Health in the Time of Pandemic


As the world battles to deal with the rapid spread of the coronavirus, Zimbabwe’s healthcare system is highly overwhelmed. Most major private and public hospitals are full to capacity. A medical doctor working in the middle of the covid crisis advised people to stay at home as there are no hospitals or governmental policies to […]