before the glorious return


there we perched at the heels of the rock, as we watched the dramatic retreat of the sun.   with trembling limbs crying guts and misty balls, in silence, we prayed.   caught between wala’s fall and nosi’s rebound, we saw nothing save the glimpse of our glorious return. Mohammed Yusuf-Unyomo is a Nigerian poet, […]

Boy in a Gèlè


The mythology goes – my father’s unruliness earned him a place at the Ransome Kútì School: Straight into that institution, don’t pass go, don’t collect N200, he went. Abeokuta Grammar School was known for the severe corporal punishments and beatings administered to pupils. Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the world-renowned Afrobeat pioneer, once wistfully reminisced on the […]