A Great Mourning

on January 22, 2021
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A Great Mourning

I am learning to mourn
All the parts that lay hidden
In the whirlwind of my heart,
Parts that were 
Too sharp to leave
Too alive for a dead world.

I am leaving these parts 
By the shores of seas
And lands that remember my scent,
I’m stretching until it feels 
Like a death, like a sacrifice.

May I be born anew
In the crevices of my laughter
In the salt of my tears 
At the folding of my soul.
May I know myself.

Thato Angela Chuma is a creative entrepreneur, singer, curator, writer and poet. Over the past 6 years, she has had her poems published in various literary magazines across the globe such as Strange Horizons (US), Brittle Paper, Words Dance Publishing, The Machinery IndiaPraxis Magazine and 20:35 Anthology by African poets.